This little thing is just begging to get lost.

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I think that the new Apple AirTag is a deceptively revolutionary piece of tech, especially for the experience design and creative technology world.

The ability to track an item with your phone within a foot or a few inches is an amazing feat and…

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You may have heard — Fake Love, the experiential agency of The New York Times, is closing down. My heart goes out to all of the other shops working in experiential who have been affected by the pandemic.

For those that don’t know…

Image of the game Journey by thatgamecompany — Image Source

If you work with creative technology or experience design, I’ve got a question for you: What was the last video game you played? 🕹

If your answer is “Mario, when I was a kid” or a time-killing mobile game, I’ve got great news. The world of video games has matured…

I got your outdoor installation right here, boss

I learned some harsh lessons about the challenges of outdoor installations years ago when I was starting out. I worked on an installation with several outdoor touchscreens that were in full sunlight for most of the day. …

Projector calibration or the world’s biggest spreadsheet?

When you’re just starting out, getting into the professional field of creative technology can be challenging. It’s hard to find a corner of the industry that feels like it suits your interests and strengths that also allows you to make a living. The phrase “creative technologist” isn’t even standardized and…

Image: Book Vortex by schaduwlichtje

Spoiler — this is not a sprawling timeline article about the history of this field. It’s a writeup meant to spur discussion about why there isn’t one yet and whether we should start making something.

Historical research in the arts and tech field is really enjoyable. I’ve looked into the…

As in Part 1, this photo I took isn’t related to AI at all

Continued from [Part 1]

What are some challenges facing the use of AI for experiential activations?

Now that you have started to think about the potential of AI, let’s talk about some challenges facing all of the above. Don’t worry, then we’ll talk about how we might improve things moving…

Generic Abstract Image for AI Article

(Additional insight for this writeup provided by Jasmin Rubinovitz and Gene Kogan. Thanks also for feedback from my coworkers!)

[Part 2 is here]

In the technology department at Fake Love, it is our job to anticipate certain trending technologies and determine how they can be applied to the type of…

Your Enemy.

TL;DR — You can’t. This is a serious clickbait title.

I’ve been in audio visual stuff for a while and still get requests or questions about doing outdoor projection during the day. …

Good lord, my handwriting is terrible.
Headphones recommended

Song Download Link

TL;DR — I took a year to write a 4 minute song on guitar. The end.

In May 2016 I made a promise to someone to write a song within a year.

They just had to give me a title and I’d figure out the rest.

I told…

Blair Neal

Art/Visuals/Music/Tech/Humans- + (previously) Chief Creative Technologist at Fake Love

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